Brother Adelard Beaudet, S.C.

Inducted into the RI Heritage Hall of Fame in 1986
Inducted into the Mount St Charles Hall of Fame in 2012

Brother Adelard, born in 1884, arrived in RI from Quebec in 1911. One year later, he organized his first hockey team at Sacred Heart Academy in Central Falls.

In 1924. he was assigned to Mount Saint Charles Academy where he would remain for 30 years. He coached the 1926, 1927, 1928, and 1940 hockey teams. From 1929 to the mid ’50s Brother Adelard held the position of Director of Hockey at the Mount.

He had a passion for developing winning teams. His “Flying Frenchmen” captured 10 State Championships, three New England Championships, and three National Crowns.

In 1959, the Providence Reds of the American Hockey League held a Diamond Jubilee Celebration in honor of Brother Adelard for his contributions to hockey.

In 1963, local sports writers dubbed Mount’s new hockey rink arena the Brother Adelard Arena in recognition of his tremendous positive influence on the rich history of Rhode Island and Mount schoolboy hockey.

This excerpt from a Jan 21, 1985 article in Sports Illustrated:

Behind the discernible, provable facts of the country’s best high school hockey team lies the legend. He arrives in Rhode Island with a cross on his chest and a hockey stick over his shoulder. He is a missionary of dual purpose, coming to teach the children the way of the Lord and of the slap shot. Eventually, he organizes the country’s first interscholastic hockey league, then coaches his youthful Mount Saint Charles team to national championships. Or so the legend goes.

But as with most legends, only some of it is fact: Adelard did help form one of the nation’s first youth leagues. Yes, his Mount Saint Charles teams were as good as any in the country, but they weren’t as youthful as you might imagine.

The truth is that Brother Adelard was importing Canadian talent to Woonsocket. Adelard will tell you so, and he’s still around to do so. Last Feb. 5, his 100th birthday, was Brother Adelard Day throughout Rhode Island, and he received letters from President Reagan and Bobby Orr, as well as plaques from Pope John Paul II and Jean Beliveau, patron saint of the Montreal Canadiens.

Brother Adelard Beaudet passed away in 1990 at age 106.


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