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The Rhode Island Hockey Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization formed in September of 2016. It is a collaboration of two well-established entities with longstanding contributions to hockey’s growth and the best interests of players, coaches, officials and fans in Rhode Island—RI Hockey, Inc. and the RI Reds Heritage Society.

RI Hockey, Inc.

RI Hockey, Inc.

RI Hockey, the local chapter of USA Hockey, represents all of the youth leagues in Rhode Island. USA Hockey is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the governing body for organized amateur ice hockey in the United States and a member of the International Hockey Federation.

RI Hockey represents the over 4,000 registered youth hockey players engaged in our community youth leagues throughout the state, as well as hundreds of adult players, coaches and officials.

It is responsible for governance, compliance, and eligibility rules for member activities in RI, as well as the hosting of tournaments and the evaluation of players to determine which individuals and teams will represent our state at Regional and National Tournaments and Player Development Camps.

RI Reds Heritage Society

RI Reds Heritage Society

Partnering in this endeavor is the RI Reds Heritage Society, whose mission is to preserve the history and memory of the RI Reds, the genesis of hockey’s immense popularity and growth in Rhode Island. With a membership of nearly 700, the Society hosts an annual player reunion, publishes a quarterly newsletter, and maintains an exhibit of the team’s colorful history at the Dunkin’ Donuts Civic Center, heir to the RI Auditorium, the birthplace of professional hockey in our state.

The Society’s expanded mission over the years has been to recognize past and present player and leader achievement, assist in developing player skills, advance player and fan safety, and promote the practice of fair play and good sportsmanship at all levels of the sport. Its annual “Unsung Heroes” awards recognize RI high school athletes who have distinguished themselves both on and off the ice.



The RI Hockey Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with original funding provided by its two founding organizations and the contributions of volunteers and friends of our hockey community. Donations are sought to help stage our annual formal enshrinement ceremonies, maintain our virtual Hall of Fame website, and to fund and maintain three significant projects.

With the financial support and assistance of individuals, businesses, and local institutions, this year we will install our much-anticipated “Wall of Fame”, a memorial to pay perpetual tribute to our inductees at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, RI. Our longer-range objectives are to create a permanent public exhibit to showcase our state’s illustrious hockey history and to develop charitable programs to continue to grow and expand the opportunities for young people to play and enjoy our great game.

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Rhode Islanders have captured a wealth of Olympic & World Championship gold

Executive Board

The RIHHOF Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer individuals with direct and longtime connection to professional and amateur hockey in RI. Its primary purpose is to establish criteria for induction, create profiles of all qualifying candidates, and present nominees to a qualified Selection Committee for its impartial evaluations and selections.

Vincent Cimini
Vincent CiminiChairman
Director, RI Reds Heritage Society
Former Publicity Director for the RI Reds
Former RI Correspondent to The Hockey News
Longtime Local Marketing and Advertising Executive
Mal Goldenberg
Mal GoldenbergVice Chairman
Director, RI Reds Heritage Society
Private Small Business Owner
Robert Larence
Robert LarenceTreasurer
Former President, RI Hockey
Former RI Ice Rink Owner and Operator
Private Small Business Owner
William O’Connor
William O’ConnorSecretary
Secretary & Reunion Chairman of the RI Reds Heritage Society
Retired Rhode Island Educator
Mark Divver
Mark DivverDirector
Former Asst Sports Editor at the Providence Journal
Writer for NE Hockey Journal
Art Martone
Art MartoneDirector
Former Sports Editor at the Providence Journal
Former Managing Editor of NBC Sports Boston
Joe McDonald
Joe McDonaldDirector
Former Sports Writer for the Providence Journal
Former National Hockey Writer for ESPN
Senior Writer for The Athletic
Ray Morgan
Ray MorganDirector
RI Hockey Tournaments Director
Former NE Yankee Conference Hockey Festival Coordinator
Longtime Director of USA Hockey’s Men’s & Women’s “Select” Camps at Lake Placid
Richard Oliver
Richard OliverDirector
USA Hockey Director, New England District
USA Hockey Disabled Director, New England District
Former President, RI Hockey
Private Small Business Owner

Directors Emeritus: Arnie Bailey, Buster Clegg

All-Star Associates

Jeff Hebert
Jeff Hebert
Chris Tourtellot
Chris Tourtellot
Webmaster, Graphics
Craig Cimini
Craig Cimini
Photography, Graphics
Audra Milboer
Audra Milboer
Graphic Design
Sean Magner
Sean Magner
Video Production
Stu Giannini
Stu Giannini
Audio/Video Production
Greg Bouris
Greg Bouris
Social Media
Bob Giuliani
Bob Giuliani